Police identify men found dead after Brownsburg shooting

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. — Police have identified the people who died in a shooting in Brownsburg Tuesday afternoon.

Shortly before 2 p.m., BPD was called to the intersection of 56th Street and Grant Street near St. Malachy East Cemetery on a report of shots fired.

Officers found two men dead. One man was in the street at 56th and Grant and the other just west of there on 56th within 100 yards of each other, according to police.

The department identified the men as Seth Robertson and Joshua Hayes. Police say the shooting was an unprovoked attack by Hayes towards Robertson.

Police say an investigation into the shooting indicates Robertson and another man were working at the cemetery when Hayes drove to the scene, approached the men and opened fire.

The department said Robertson and the other man ran away, seeking safety and cover from Hayes’ gunfire. Hayes chased after them, eventually catching up with Robertson at the intersection of 46th and Grant.

Police say Hayes continued to chase the other man, continuing to shoot at him. He eventually caught up with him, but a bystander stopped at the traffic light was hit by the gunfire.

The bystander was armed, and police say the bystander intervened on the victim’s behalf and numerous other bystanders in the area that were trying to help Robertson. The bystander shot Hayes as he was pointing his gun at the second victim’s head. Hayes died on the scene.

The second victim and the bystander that shot Hayes were treated on scene and released from police custody after providing statements.

A witness told FOX59 News what he saw and heard.

“I heard pop pop pop pop pop like that, it was inconsistent. Then I heard a guy yelling, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no!’, so I ran over to the fence and I looked over the fence and I saw a guy with an orange red shirt, shorts…walking straight down the center of 56th with a gun out, hand gun out, and I saw a guy running away from him on Grant.” 

“I saw him shoot him several times and then I saw the guy drop to the ground, and then the guy in the orange red shirt walked over to him and put about three more bullets into him.”

“On the way to the front door I looked out my front window and I saw the guy who fired the shots chasing another guy around the corner of that red brick condo there on the other side of Grant and lost sight of both of them at that point.”

“I saw another body on 56th right there after Grant in the middle of the road where the cop cars are, and didn’t see him go down but those were probably the first shots I heard.”

The department said they have not uncovered any evidence of criminal conduct by anyone other than Hayes. The investigation is under review by the Hendricks County Prosecutor’s Office.

Police said if you witnessed or have any information regarding the incident, contact BPD Investigations Division at 317.852.1109.

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