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BUNKER HILL, Ind.– The former president of the Bunker Hill town council is calling for the resignation of two current council members due to concerns over their criminal history or association with felons.

Robert Cox is asking for Louis Nino and Carl Wade to submit their resignations. Cox says their histories makes them biased against the town’s police department.

Council members are trying to hire a new town marshal after the former marshal and his volunteer deputies resigned last week, leaving the town without a police department.

In their resignation letters, the officers accuse council members of asking them to “do illegal, unethical, and immoral things.” They cited examples like asking police to run background checks on other town councilors to find their criminal history. The officers also claim they were threatened when they said no.

Court documents show Nino was arrested in February 2015 on intimidation and theft charges. Those charges were dropped in Sept. 2016.

Wade’s wife Patricia was found guilty in 2011 of stealing more than $53,000 in poor-relief funds from Pipe Creek Township. She was convicted on five of seven charges. Her sentence was modified to be served on in-home detention. She also had to pay back $53,714.

According to the Kokomo Tribune, neither Nino or Wade responded to Cox during the meeting.

Nino told the Tribune after Monday’s meeting that he had no intention of resigning. Nino also defended Wade, who left after the meeting.

The Miami County Sheriff’s Department has been assisting in police duties while the town works to hire a new marshal.