Burger King set to launch the Whopperito, a hamburger burrito


Whopperito/Photo from Burger King via CNN

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Part hamburger, part burrito, and made at the Home of the Whopper.

Burger King is set to unleash the “Whopperito” on an unsuspecting public later this month. The Whopperito uses the same beef from BK’s signature Whopper but with different seasoning to give it a Tex-Mex feel.

It includes chopped tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles all topped with a queso sauce and wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Burger King president Alex Macedo told Business Insider that the chain has wanted to get into the Tex-Mex food market for some time and put a decidedly BK spin on it. A franchisee with restaurants in Ohio and Pennsylvania experimented with the recipe before Burger King perfected it.

“He called and said, ‘I think I’m onto something,'” Macedo told Business Insider. “We took his idea and added what makes this unique — which is the sauce and mix of spices for the beef.”

The Whopperito is set to launch nationwide on Aug. 15. It’ll cost $2.99 by itself or $4.99 with a combo meal.

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