Burglary victim hopes security video will lead to arrest

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INDIANAPOLIS – The victim of a recent home burglary hopes images from his home security system will lead to the arrest of the suspect. He also hopes his case will inspire other residents to get involved with information sharing and neighborhood security.

The victim has lived on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood on the north side of downtown Indianapolis for nine years. During that time, he’s been the victim of several crimes.

“This petty crime has been garages,” He told Fox59. “I had furniture stolen off my front porch. But now they’ve come into my home.”

That happened last Wednesday when he was out of town and his wife and daughter were not home. A security camera on his front porch captured the image of a black male wearing a green sweatshirt and dark pants, standing at his front door. According to the security system, the young man rang the front doorbell at 11:10am. About 15 minutes later, the glass in a back door was shattered. A few minutes later, the video showed the same young man exiting back through the shattered door before walking back around past the front porch. In the video, the man could be seen slinging a bag over his shoulder.

The victim says that bag must have contained jewelry and a new laptop, which were missing from the house.

He says Indianapolis Metro Police investigators were able to lift fingerprints from the suspect, but the prints don’t match any others on record.

Since the burglary, he has been sharing information and pictures of the suspect with others in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood using an email list serve and the neighborhood networking app called “Nextdoor.” Several neighbors have replied to his posts, saying they believe they have seen the same young man walking around Fall Creek Place in recent weeks.

It’s the kind of information sharing and networking that police and community leaders encourage as a proactive approach to fighting crime. He also hopes other residents in other areas of central Indiana will follow his lead.

“Particularly all of the downtown neighborhoods,” Polick said. “I think we all have to step up and be more vigilant and pay attention to what’s going on.”

While warmer weather usually brings an increase in criminal activity, it’s not clear if the home burglary signals any kind of unusual increase this year for Fall Creek Place. A number of other incidents have been reported near the victim’s home, but it’s not clear if they are related to the break-in.

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