INDIANAPOLIS — Jarvay Robertson may be from the Far East Side, but the kitchen is where he feels most at home.

As owner and executive chef of Reckless Love Café, he operates his small business out of P30 on North Post Road. Using the shared kitchen space, he said it’s taken his operations of catering and cooking to another level.

“Everything is brand new in here, and it allows me just to operate on a way larger scale,” he said. “It just maximizes me being a business owner. I have a place to cook, I have a place to host events.”

At P30, maximizing opportunities for all of the Far East Side is the main priority.

“Our mission is to disrupt inequality to ignite hope and launch prosperity,” said Executive Director Tamise Cross. “Our way of igniting hope is partnering with our community organizations and celebrating what they’re already doing, locking arms with them, and just trying to bridge the gap.”

Housed inside more than 40,000 sq. ft. along Post Road and 30th Street, hence its P30 name, is a local business incubator and community hub. Cross bought the space in December 2020 and has helped fund the P30 concept through private investors and donations.

Along with a shared kitchen and tower garden, the facility also offers a variety of office and event spaces, as well as specialty rooms to support podcasts, fitness and other ventures all to be utilized by the community, or entrepreneurs looking to grow their business or idea, for a membership rate or rental fee. There’s also programming and opportunities for kids, as well as re-entry programs for those who qualify.

The overall hope, Cross said, is to ultimately launch or accelerate 300 businesses, 3,000 employees and create $30 million of equity.

Cross said it’s all about providing access to opportunities in communities, like the Far East Side, where they’re often limited.

“We just have plenty of opportunities, but what’s more meaningful is developing one on one relationships with individuals in order to learn what their need is and connect them with the people that would be able to help them grow,” she said. “We believe that social capital helps generate wealth. So it’s not all the time what you know, but who you know.”

Who you know is what connected Robertson with P30. He met Cross at a business pitch competition and later learned about an opportunity to house his business at P30, where he also now serves as the facility’s executive chef and leads the shared kitchen.

“It was really a God-given opportunity,” said Robertson.

Several businesses, including Robertson, are already operating out of the P30 facility. Though the process usually starts with an inquiry and interest form, Cross said the only stipulation is a social impact plan, which requires a business owner to lay out how their business intends to contribute to the Far East Side.

“Through the years, businesses are out here, but they come and do business here and then they leave,” said Cross. “That leaves the Far East Side desolate, and then it continues to just contribute to some of the negative thoughts that are about the Far East Side. We want the community residents to know that we care and that we’re not here just to fill up space and then leave.”

For Robertson, his promise to contribute to his home community is one he plans to keep, especially as he works to mentor up-and-coming chefs in the shared kitchen space.

“Although I’m doing it through food, we have other businesses doing it through whatever their line of work is,” he said. “Everybody’s vision and mission is the same. It’s to bring life to what people think is dead.”

A grand opening for P30 is scheduled for October 28. However, businesses are already utilizing space inside the facility. To inquire about space or schedule a tour, you can email, call (317) 318-8304 or visit their social media page.