Business owners frustrated with condition of neighboring mobile home park

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A mobile home park on the near southwest side of Indianapolis is causing business owners to get frustrated because of the lack of upkeep.

In October, I-70 Mobile Home Park was slated to close but the Attorney General’s Office stepped in and filed a deception lawsuit against the owners, which put the closure on hold.

Several months have passed and residents say they haven’t heard what’s next.

Leonard Radcliff says 12 families and a few feral cats still call this place home.

Radcliff says the property owners, Blue Lake INC, are nowhere to be found.

"All the bums and stuff off the street are coming in here stealing and breaking stuff," Leonard Radcliff said.

In the meantime, neighboring business owners say the neglect of the property is getting out of hand.

"I have sympathy for the people who are losing their homes but in the same breath we still have the rest of the community that’s going downhill as a result of this," Local Dairy Queen owner Neal Jacobs said.

Jacobs doesn’t know why no one is looking after the property.

He says the way the mobile home park looks is bringing down the rest of the community.

"If the grass grows too high I will get a notice and says it needs to be cut down. This is unacceptable and it's the same type of thing. Somebody in government should be fixing this problem," Jacobs said.

A spokesperson for the Attorney General's Office says they plan to give residents of the mobile home park an update on their lawsuit next week.

Radcliff wants to know what’s next for the property and when he might have to leave his home.

"You don’t know could it be a week? I can sit back and relax for a week or two or is it going to be tomorrow?” Radcliff said.

The Attorney General’s Office asks any of the residents with concerns to call 1-800-382-5516.

We reached out to the attorney representing the mobile home park to find out who's responsible for keeping the property clean. We’ve not heard back.

The Marion County Health Department does have a case open against the owners for a trash violation to address the debris and junk.

A re-inspection is scheduled for January 14th.

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