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Food Forest Abundance Announces New Way to Grow Food for Entire Communities

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Food Forest Abundance, with operations in 12 countries and 35 states, announced today the creation of their new Freedom Farm Academies. This comes at a time when the UN warns of a looming, widespread food crisis. David Beasley, Executive Director of World Food Program said in an August 22 interview with PBS, "It's a very serious problem. And we're facing an unprecedented food crisis globally." 

The solution we demonstrate is not hypothetical, the solution has been proven all over the world, and it has no downside

"The solution we demonstrate is not hypothetical, the solution has been proven all over the world, and it has no downside," said Jim Gale, the CEO and Chief Storyteller at Food Forest Abundance. "We believe not just in teaching people how to fish but teaching people how to teach people how to fish. People's eyes light up when they experience and innerstand what we're doing for the world."

The Freedom Farm Academies still involve the proven methodology called Permaculture. Permaculture is as old as earth's first forest and is a way of growing food in a manner consistent with what one may find in a forest. The underlying principle is that a forest grows everything, including lots of edible foods, without any pesticides, insecticides or fertilizer. "The forest has seven plus layers," Gale added. "It's all about building soil and designing in foods that we love. The only losers in this process are the companies selling the pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers."

Food grown in healthy soil is described as beyond organic. Food Forest Abundance is helping individuals, families and communities to use their land wisely. The new Freedom Farm Academies are strategically positioned to bring these solutions to every community in the world, so people can experience first hand what true freedom looks, feels and even tastes like. "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete is what Buckminister Fuller said," concluded Gale.  

"Nature is abundant therefore food should be too. You should be able to go into your yard, a city park, your kid's school yard or in the area around your church and grab something to eat that's healthy, and most importantly free," said Darin Olien, co-host of the Emmy™ Award Winning, #1 Netflix docu-series, 'Down to Earth' with Zac Efron.  "I did this as a kid and we should do this again.  I'm excited that this is igniting a revolution in how we grow our food, how we eat and how we live. I believe it's the key to restoring self reliance and freedom. There should never be anyone going hungry again."

About Food Forest Abundance: Food Forest Abundance helps people grow their own food. By leveraging the science of permaculture (permanent agriculture) and by working in harmony with nature, they are able to design and install beautiful food forests at homes, schools, churches, city parks, long term care homes, corporate campuses and more, that yield incredible amounts of healthy, poison free food. Food Forest Abundance has a team of professional permaculture design specialists and installers around the world who are ready to help you today. Growing your own food, strengthening your community and growing freedom. Connect with Food Forest Abundance today at

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