Businesses and IndyGo work together to solve Red Line delivery issues

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – We are more than a week into the Red Line service and businesses along the route say they are adjusting. Some were concerned how drop offs and deliveries would work if trucks can’t park in the red bus lane.

IndyGo said it is willing to make compromises as delivery drivers learn the rules.

“We’re able to maneuver buses around things that may be in the way or just temporarily in the space,” said Public Relations Director Lauren Day.

She said IndyGo would prefer deliveries to be made in loading zones. In some cases, new loading zones were built before the Red Line started.

The one in front of the Indiana Roof Ballroom and the Indiana Repertory Theater is small so, IndyGo is allowing larger trucks to block part of the Red Line lane.

“I think it has definitely been a learning curve for all of us,” said Kile Shaw, a sales representative with Indiana Roof Ballroom.

Between deliveries, drop offs, valet, the Red Line and the city’s Cultural Trail, Indiana Roof Ballroom and IRT have a lot going on outside the building.

“We share this space, this lovely historic building, we share this curb, so it’s about communication but it’s also about safety, it’s safety for our patrons, it’s safety for our staff and safety for our vendors who are coming in and using the curb,” said IRT Sales and Marketing Director Danielle Day.

IndyGo encourages communication.

“We are always here to have conversations with businesses and stakeholders along the way and we welcome those conversations,” said Day.

Indiana Roof and IRT said they are glad this new transportation service is bringing people right to their door.

“Not only our patrons, but our staff and our ushers so, the more folks that we can get to use the bus, the more we have less complaints about parking downtown so I think it’s a win-win,” said Dove.

IRT is offering discounts for people who take the Red Line to performances during the month of September.

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