Businesses prepare to welcome customers inside again


More Indiana counties are getting back on track in the coming days. Restaurants, gyms, and salons are preparing to re-open next week in Marion County and several others.

“These low tops up here, this is what we will put out front,” said Staci Menzie as she hustled to get World of Beer in downtown Indy ready to reopen. “Get everything cleaned up and kind of get back in working order and the biggest thing is rearranging all of the tables inside to make sure that we are doing the social distancing.”

This restaurant and bar opened for the first time two years ago and since carry out wasn’t busy enough to maintain, it has been completely shut down for the past two months.

“Craziness, it’s like opening a brand-new restaurant again,” said Menzie.

Tru Reflection Salon in Indianapolis is also opening back up to the public next week. Things will look a lot different for customers there.

“It’s going to be a big adjustment for us,” said owner Sheena Vanhook.

Everyone is required to wear a mask; you can’t talk when you’re getting your hair washed and everything is by appointment only. These are all measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We will be wiping down the chairs, we will be wiping down any tools that we may use whatsoever, and we will not be reusing any of our normal tools,” explained Vanhook.

She’s hiring someone to monitor all this.

“We have a college student who is home for the summer she’s going to come in here and help us pretty much make sure that everything is getting done,” said Vanhook.

World of Beer is also creating a new safety position to sanitize the bathrooms, game area and tables.

“And also managing the occupancy to make sure that we are at that 50 percent and we are not exceeding that,” said Menzie.

They want people to know they’re doing what they can to keep customers safe.

“We miss you guys, we are excited to reopen, and we are excited to see a lot of new faces along with a lot of familiar faces,” said Menzie.

While phase three does allow several openings, places like playgrounds, bars and nightclubs as well as other entertainment venues remain closed.

For a full list of what’s open and closed next week, click here.

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