Businesses suffer from cold-related damages

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INDIANAPOLIS – Several Central Indiana businesses re-opened on Friday after frozen pipes and water damage forced them to shut down all week.

Employees at the Tilted Kilt and Howl at the Moon on Georgia Street in downtown Indianapolis spent the week feverishly cleaning up so that they could re-open by 5 p.m. on Friday. Both businesses suffered extensive water damage when frozen pipes on the floors above them burst.

Managers had taped up signs outside the entrances apologizing to customers for the inconvenience.

Brugge in Broad Ripple is still closed after suffering the same fate. Sometime during Sunday’s snow storm, three frozen pipes broke on the top floor and caused major flooding inside the two-story restaurant and bar.

“This is the entry way that was just a solid wall of ice with water still running down it,” said manager Erin Thompson as she pointed to one of the entrances. The business will also have to replace a large portion of its floors.

“It’s definitely not a good situation,” she said.

On top of the repair costs, Brugge has lost a lot of money in supplies and business.

“It’s definitely overwhelming. We’ve thrown away $5,000 worth of food,” explained Thompson. “Just the people who work here who are losing income by us not being open.”

For now, Brugge expects to re-open its bottom section on Monday. Employees will spend the weekend prepping food and cleaning up the remaining mess.

“We’re gonna get it back and it’ll be cleaner and nicer and hopefully better than ever,” said Thompson.

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