Call for action after deadly Orlando nightclub shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The lengthy investigation into the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting is just beginning.

Early Sunday morning, police say 29-year-old Omar Mateen stormed into the Pulse nightclub just as it was about to close.   Mateen’s attack is being descried as organized and well-prepared.  At last check, 50 people were shot and killed, 59 wounded.

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) sits on the House Intelligence Committee and is also the co-founder of the LGBT Equality Caucus.

“Regardless of a person’s race, religion, or who they choose to love, no one deserves to be attacked when they are out on a Saturday night trying to enjoy themselves. No one,” explains Rep. Carson.

Carson is pushing for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to work with the community to identify extremists.

“Groups like Isis and al-Qaeda must be condemned and must be defeated and dismantled, but we also have to deal with those individuals who are becoming self-radicalized online,” explains Carson.

FBI officials reporting Mateen legally purchased some of his firearms within the past couple of weeks.

“For me, it’s a call to action for us to get serious as legislatures about taking assault weapons out of the hands of bad guys,” Congressman Carson.

The FBI first looked into Mateen in 2013.  It’s reported that he was questioned twice for possible terror ties.

“It is a bit early for us to speculate that just because this guy was interviewed that he necessarily rose to a level where he had done anything that warranted government intervention,” explains Peter Berring, security analyst

Officials reporting Mateen called 911 pledging allegiance to ISIS.

‘Regardless of what’s going on in their head they are harming people and they must be brought to justice and dealt with immediately,” explains Carson.

Carson is one of two Muslims serving in the House of Representatives.  Carson tells our crews he’s had conversations with members of the Muslim community, which are condemning the deadly mass shooting.

“This act was insidious. It was sick. Clearly, the person that committed this crime was deranged and he doesn’t represent the American people,” explains Carson.

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