Candidate’s billboard claiming ‘I won’t steal and I know how to count’ gets attention

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A candidate for office in Monroe County is getting attention over her billboard that claims “I won’t steal and I know how to count.”

Ann Collins, the Republican running for Monroe County treasurer, put up two of the billboards in Bloomington a week ago. It didn’t take long for  pictures of them to spread over the internet, make national news, and go viral.

“It definitely is getting people talking and I get both negative and positive from it, but I just hope it can make an impact,” Collins said.

Her message, which is derived from a speech she made at an event months ago, has to do with previous corruption charges in Monroe County government. Two former auditors have been accused of using company credit cards for personal expenses.

Collins said that while the phrase had resonated with voters, she had no idea it would go viral.

“All the attention is great but I’m still the same Ann Collins,” she said.

Her opponent, Democrat Jessica McClellan, said that she was actually fine with the attention the billboard is getting.

“I think this campaign is finally getting the attention that it deserves here,” McClellan said.

Still, she said that she did not agree with Collins’ message.

“Ann’s billboard is funny and it’s very sweet, and she’s a very sweet lady, but this is a serious job and these are serious problems and I think that we need to take it seriously,” McClellan said.

As for Collins, she is rolling with the attention, and is thrilled the billboard has touched such a nerve.

“Not to badmouth politicians, but they just love to talk. They love to go on and on and on, and really you know, as a human being, you start to lose interest. You need to get to the point,” Collins said.

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