Candidates for Marion Co. Sheriff discuss the issues

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With less than a month until the May primary, the candidates for Marion County Sheriff are busy seeking support for their campaigns.

Sheriff John Layton is being challenged in the May primary by Mark Brown, who ran and lost to Layton in the last election. Brown, who comes from IMPD, said that even without his party’s endorsement, he is not giving up.

In the video above, hear our conversation with Brown and part one of our interview with the Sheriff.

In the video below, we discuss the issues with Emmitt Carney, the sole Republican candidate.

A 31-year law enforcement veteran whose last post was with ATF, Carney has criticized Sheriff Layton for overspending and taking money away from an undermanned IMPD. He claims IMPD deserves a better partner agency.

Layton just celebrated 40 years with the sheriff’s office. He has argued that bigger budgets are simply paying for the increasing costs to run a crowded jail.

Layton raised more than four times the amount of money Carney raised in 2013. Still, both men continue to fundraise ahead of the May primary and November’s general election.

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