CAN’T MISS | Hero poolman uses CPR to save drowning squirrel

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PHOENIX, Ariz. (June 5, 2014) – A pool repairman put his CPR skills to good use.

Rick Gruber was installing a pool heater when he found a squirrel in the water. The little guy struggled to keep its head above the surface and then went under. When Gruber pulled the critter out, it wasn’t breathing. He called upon the lessons he learned in CPR classes.

“I just gently pushed on his ribcage and then squeezed his sides, thinking at some point I’m going to find his lungs,” Gruber told CNN.

After about a minute, the squirrel—a round-tailed ground squirrel similar to a prairie dog—started breathing again and opened its eyes.

Gruber said his co-workers have been referring to him as “the Squirrel Whisperer” ever since the encounter, which Gruber posted on YouTube:

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