CAN’T MISS | Mystery behind the abyss at ‘the end of the world’

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(July 17, 2014) – What the heck is that?!

That’s the question many people are asking after video of a huge hole showed up on YouTube.

The video was taken during a helicopter flyover of Russia’s remote Yamal peninsula. The giant crater has scientists baffled and others wondering if it’s a hoax. It’s estimated to be 260 feet in diameter.

The kicker? The ominous abyss appeared at a place known as “the end of the world.”

A Russian Emergencies Ministry official told the Siberian Times that the crater isn’t from a meteorite.

According to the newspaper, researcher Anna Kurchatova believes water, salt and gas mixed together and ignited an underground explosion. She said the release of the gas set off a reaction similar to the popping of a champagne cork, and attributed the phenomenon to global warming.

A team of experts will go to the site to investigate and take samples.

Source: The Siberian Times

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