Capitol Police searching for men caught on camera vandalizing the Medal of Honor Memorial in Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Capitol Police are asking for the public’s help to identify three men caught on camera vandalizing the Medal of Honor Memorial in Indianapolis.

Police say the suspects damaged the memorial Saturday night, September 7th.

The suspects did about $300 in damage. The top of the descriptive marker has since been repaired, but Capitol Police say one suspect can be seen on video prying open the metal cap for no apparent reason.

“From the video footage it appears he bent this back in an act of vandalism,” explains Capitol Police officer Scott Alexander.

Officer Alexander says the suspect and two others then stood around and laughed about the vandalism.  Although the three men didn’t steal anything, the crime is definitely unusual.

“We don’t see damage to this memorial very often because people know this is a solemn memorial. We don’t get too many vandalism calls here,” said Alexander.

“It’s unbelievable that people would damage something like this,” said Sgt. Sammy Davis. “It’s an insult to me personally.”

The memorial along the canal pays tribute to 3,462 Medal of Honor recipients, including Sgt. Sammy Davis.

In 1967, while serving his country, then private Davis was shot while rescuing three men in south Vietnam. That act earned him the Medal of Honor.

Davis was understandably disappointed to learn about the damage to the Medal of Honor Memorial.

“They’re destroying history. I mean that’s basically what that memorial was set up for was to promote history and they’re destroying it,” said Davis.

“This is a sacred memorial and a lot of the people on this glass gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country,” said Alexander.

As the last living Medal of Honor recipient from Indiana, Davis has a message for the suspects.

“What you have done is shameful. It’s shameful for our country and it’s shameful for your family,” said Davis.

Because no arrests have been made in the case, anyone with information on the suspects seen the still pictures is asked to contact Capitol Police at 317-234-2131.

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