Car thieves leave court documents, gun, and ski mask inside stolen vehicle

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 21, 2016) -- An average Wednesday morning ends up in a panicked chase after Indianapolis resident Rosalie Howard finds out someone stole her car from her driveway Wednesday morning while she was inside getting ready.

“This is the truck here. We had it running and we noticed that he cut across the neighbors yard and got in. It did not make a sound or anything,” says Howard.

The stolen truck was located by a repo man just a couple of hours later in a southeast side neighborhood. The repo man says he called police after he found the vehicle. The car was parked just steps away from the front door of the home and it only took the suspects a few seconds to take off. Inside the car they left behind a gun and a ski mask.

“We found this gun here. I do not know what their plans were with it,” says Howard.

The owners of the car also found several court documents with a woman’s name and information that could be a possible suspect.

“Several documents from her in jail and that is actually how I found out their names,” says Howard.

Police are pursuing those leads. The car was recovered a few hours after it was stolen. A repossession team was able to track them down to a home on Bolton Avenue.

“When they were found, they were actually still inside of it with the engine running. All of their belongings piled in the back like they were about to go on a joy ride,” says Howard.

We asked the people at the address why the stolen car was parked in their lot. They say they have no idea. Howard says she knows who stole the car and believes there is enough evidence to track the suspects down.

“If they are not caught they are going to do it again. I don’t believe that I was the first one they did this to.”

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