Carbon Motors announces plans for multipurpose truck

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Carbon Motors plans to launch production of a new vehicle before the end of 2013.

The vehicle, called the Carbon TX7, is an all-wheel-drive truck capable of carrying up to ten passengers. The company said the TX7 is priced at about $150,000.

Carbon Motors said the truck will bridge the gap between patrol vehicles and specialty vehicles used in emergency response situations. Those vehicles typically cost between several hundred thousand dollars and $2 million, the company said, adding that such specialty models often have high operating costs.

The TX7 will include infrared, thermal imaging and sensors for detecting chemical, biological and radioactive substances. Officials hope the vehicle will spur a market for greater cooperation—and joint purchases—among smaller police and fire agencies.

The vehicle is a heavier-duty model than the previously announced E7 the company plans to produce. A separate company will supply the TX7’s chassis, allowing Carbon Motors to manufacture the trucks more quickly.

In 2009, Carbon Motors announced plans to come to Connersville and set up shop in the former Visteon factory. The announcement included plans to invest $350 million to build high-tech police cars and put up to 1,500 people to work.

In March, the U.S. Department of Energy denied the company’s application for a $310 million loan. Since then, Carbon Motors has been raising startup funds in order to start production.

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