Cardinal Ritter closed Friday for a possible threat


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Cardinal Ritter High School is closed today because of a possible threat made.

The school tweeted about the closure last night with no explanation.

We received a tip that a student posted a picture online with a threatening caption, and there was also a weapon in the picture. We reached out to the school for an official comment, but we’re still waiting to hear back from them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first threat made this week. Five other schools have investigated threats:

  • Police detained a student at Crosspointe Christian Academy yesterday. According to the report, the student made threats of a school shooting.
  • At Taylorsville Elementary, an 8-year-old was suspended after he showed a hit list and talked about a gun to another student. That other student told her parents, and her parents called police.
    Investigators say the boy admitted to having the list and says he got the idea from a movie. But the actual list was never seen.
  • Additionally, a threat was made to Snacks Crossing on Tuesday. An 11-year-old said one of his classmates pointed a BB gun at his head on Tuesday.
    The school sent out a statement saying they are cooperating with police, and they will work with the students and families involved.
  • Also, more school resources officers were at Decatur Middle earlier this week because of a threat made on Facebook. After a safety assessment, police deemed it not credible, but they had more resource officers on hand.
  • And this morning we just learned that an 18-year-old was arrested at Central High School in Muncie for having a hatchet in his backpack. Police arrested Montrez Willen after he was seen roaming the halls. Investigators say he is not a student at the school, but he came to the school with a younger sibling. He wore a backpack to make it look like he was a student, but he says he didn’t know a hatchet was inside.
Montrez Willen

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