Indianapolis man tosses lit cigarette into garbage can, starts fire that nearly kills dog

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 15, 2015) –  Indianapolis fire crews worked to revive a  small dog named Tommy after the animal was found lifeless inside a north side condo.

A carelessly thrown cigarette sparked a large blaze that caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and left several families homeless.

“He is a sweet little dog and he is just one of the cutest puppies in this neighborhood, so we hope he is going to be okay,” says Harbour Isles resident Debbie Rowe.

According to investigators a man tossed a lit cigarette into his garbage can on his porch, just a short while later he heard a pop and saw large flames.

“It is pretty scary because we are all attached and this is the second time that this has happened in the period of three to four years,” says Rowe.

Neighbors say the blaze took over the home in minutes, and then ripped through the roofline and into the attic space of another condo. The smoke from the flames could be seen from blocks away.

“They had fire trucks all the way down. They had emergency vehicles and they took care of the little dog, he was cute and now he is fine,” says Harbour Isles resident Sheila Watkins.

Another crew was called in for relief as the flames mixed with the high heat and humidity. No one was inside the condos when the fire broke out, but Tommy and two cats were stuck until IFD arrived.

Residents who live at the Harbour Isles condos are worried this could happen again. “I do believe that they need to put out some new regulations about what people do with the trash containers because obviously that was a careless mistake,” says Rowe.

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