Carmel Clay Schools answer parents questions on diversity, equity and inclusion initiative


CARMEL, Ind. — On Thursday, Carmel Clay Schools held an information session with parents to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in the district.

This was the first meeting since Carmel Clay first announced the position of a DEI officer back in December.

“The district saw the need to address diversity, equity and inclusion head on,” said Amal Anthony, a Carmel parent. “There had been a few incidents over the years that showed we did not have a strong handle on diversity in our schools.”

“I was really excited about this,” said parent Beth Sprunger. “Having my kids look like the majority of the students, I want them to get new perspectives in their lives.”

The initiative includes the creation of a district-wide equity and inclusion planning team, a training series for employees, online resources and integrating new materials.

“For my students in particular, it was wonderful for them to see people that look like them,” Anthony said. “To see books where they were represented.”

“One of things I think it’s important to point out is what DEI is not,” parent Nicki McNally said. “It is not about pitting groups against each other.”

“What I hope this becomes is something that’s embedded in the way Carmel clay schools operates on a normal basis,” said parent Denette Howard.

All the parents who were willing to speak with us today supported the district’s efforts. However, we do know parents have expressed concerns and frustrations over this initiative plan at previous school meetings.

FOX59 also tried to speak with the DEI officer and superintendent about the effort were told they were not available today. The school sent us today’s presentation instead.

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