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CARMEL, Ind., (March 27, 2016) – -In today’s digital world, being safe online is as much a part of the life lessons we teach our children as telling them to look both ways before crossing the street.

Carmel Clay Schools is teaching its students to be good digital citizens and it’s spreading that message over the air and online.

Sara, Ella and Ayden are elementary students who recently recorded three public service announcements after winning an essay contest on internet safety.

Students had to answer the question: “If you had 30 seconds, what would you say to your friends and family members about how to be safe online?”

Hundreds of essays were submitted for the contest.

The experience was fun for the kids, but the topic is very real.

“A friend got cyber-bullied and I decided to write about that,” said Ella English, a fifth grader at Cherry Tree Elementary.  “Spread the word because many people are being cyber-bullied, to help my friend, just so she  knows that she is not alone.”

“Parents need to know about their children being on the internet and make sure they’re safe on the internet. It’s  just like wondering around alone in a big library full of people you don’t know,” said Sara Susant, a fourth grader at Mohawk Trails Elementary.

Ayden Hagemann, a fourth grader at Prairie Trace Elementary said, “You should not visit any website that you know is bad, so if you know a website is bad, don’t go back to it.”

The  “Student’s Speaking out for Safety” contest is put on by Bright House Networks and Net Literacy.

Carmel Clay Schools Superintendent, Dr. Nicholas Wahl supports the contest saying, “Our students are digital learners and it is important we teach them positive digital citizenship.”