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CARMEL, Ind. – Part of a proposed zoning ordinance in Carmel would require new buildings larger than 12,500 square feet to have at least two covered spots for bike parking and a shower for people who bike to work. Larger buildings would be required to have more parking spaces and more showers.

The city already requires new buildings to include bike paths and bike racks but this legislation is more focused on the commuter, according to ordinance sponsor and Carmel City Council Member Bruce Kimball.

“This is for the commuter who has a $1,000 bicycle and needs to keep it out of the weather,” Kimball said. “The (long-term bike parking) could be inside, outside under cover.”

Kimball says besides making it easier for people to bike to work, this legislation helps Carmel stay competitive when trying to bring new businesses and talent to town.

“The young worker today, when they graduate from college they can go anywhere in the world. We hope they come to Carmel Indiana,” Kimball said.

However, some other city council members and business owners in Carmel feel this ordinance would put an undue burden on business owners and it should be encouraged rather than required.

“I think for some big businesses with lots of revenue maybe it’s something they can handle, but for the little guy that could be really painful,” said Carmel resident and small business owner Alan Jackson.

This ordinance is still in Carmel’s land use committee and the entire city council is expected to vote on the legislation by the end of the summer.