Carmel council president surprised by Palladium roof work

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The City of Carmel has confirmed work on the Palladium’s roof will begin this month, but the City Council president said he was not even aware of any upcoming construction until Fox 59 inquired about it.

The City said in a statement, Wednesday, that the construction was “recommended during a review taking place as part of the ongoing litigation resulting from construction issues that were discovered in June 2009.”

According to the City, it will include “retrofits to the trusses which entail welding some additional stiffeners and small plates, less than three-feet in length, in place.”

Work is expected to begin mid-April and will last about three weeks. The total cost is expected to be $140,000 and the “payments are being made from money retained from the original project.”

All of that was news to Council President Rick Sharp who was first made aware of possible work this week after a phone call from Fox 59.

“This lapse in communication, it’s a bit disturbing,” said Sharp.

Council recently bailed out the Redevelopment Commission, the agency that runs the Palladium, out of its millions of dollars of debt. Sharp said the Council had been working with the Commission to oversee any work on the Palladium.

“We’ve spent the last several months trying to be educated by the redevelopment commission about its activities. It culminated in our agreeing to bail them out financially towards the end of last year,” explained Sharp. “So it’s a bit troublesome to find out that it never came up.”

He said he would reach out to the Commission in the coming days to figure out what is going on.

“My biggest concern is the fact that we have seemed to reestablish a pattern of spotty communication,” he said.

The City said the construction would not interfere with the Palladium’s scheduled events.

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