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CARMEL, Ind. – A father’s biggest role is being a teacher. Steve Simpson fulfills that role and then some.

About two years ago, he started a small business with for his son Sky, who has Down syndrome.

“We always knew Sky would work, (but) we didn’t know where or how,” Simpson said. “We have been looking for jobs for him that match his abilities rather than his disabilities.”

So, Steve came up with the idea of “Sky Boxes,” a small company that would install mailboxes around Carmel.

“He’s a strong kid, he likes working hard and mailbox work can be hard,” Simpson said. “I mean pulling out a 6×6 mailbox post is hard work!”

It’s not that Steve saw a chance to get rich off mailboxes. Instead, he saw a chance for his son, to learn valuable job skills and hard work.

“The whole idea is to give Sky job skills, so that someday he can go do another job,” Simpson said. “We’ve taught him how to use shovels and hand tools. We’ve taught him how to do inventory. He understands when it’s time to go to a job, he gets in the truck and he goes to the job.”

In two years, this father/son duo has installed about 100 mailboxes around Carmel, making sure families like the Reicharts get their mail.

“It’s been loose and for the last year, it hasn’t even closed,” said Christy Reichart with a laugh.

After years of wet, rain soaked mail, they knew it was time to call Sky.

“We’ve known Sky for a long time, so we think it’s great he’s out there trying to start his own business and start his own way,” Dan Reichart added.

Neither Steve nor Sky knows how long this partnership will last. In the end, Steve hopes his son will take with him the lessons learned on the job.

“It takes a little bit longer with a kid with Down syndrome, so the sooner you start with that, the better it is for him,” Simpson said. “That’s what we’re trying to do with Sky Boxes.”

Sky Boxes concentrates on doing work in Carmel. You can find more information by calling Sky Boxes at (317) 989-7588.