Carmel Fire Department puts Bleeding Control Kits in classrooms


CARMEL, Ind. — Every classroom in Carmel is now a little more prepared in case of an emergency.  Carmel Fire Department has placed bleeding control kits in all classrooms in every public and private school.

In an emergency every second matters. More than 2,000 bleeding control kits are now all over the city of Carmel.

“We really wanted to put them out there. It empowers individual to become first responders before we arrive,” said Tim Griffin, with the Carmel Fire Department.

These kits aren’t just for a mass tragedy incident.  Tim Griffin with the Carmel Fire Department knows accidents can happen and injuries can be severe.

“What this can do is (let’s say) we can have a student in shop class, maybe a window washer is doing something and cuts their arm, now we have individuals that know how to use these so before we arrive, they can already be administering that life safety to them,” said Griffin.

Each kit has gloves, scissors, gauze, pads, and a tourniquet to control the bleeding.  It’s not just what’s inside the kit that’s important, outside there’s a QR code that you can scan.  It plays a 30-second video, walking you through step-by-step on what to do.

Carmel Fire Department made a board that shows two people that have an injury to their arm. You can see the person without the tourniquet from the kit loses blood much faster.

“Someone can actually succumb to bleeding in as little as 5 minutes if they’re unable to control it,” said Andrew Young, EMS Captain with Carmel Fire Department.

In addition to classrooms and buses, the kits are now in Carmel churches, daycares, senior centers and all city buildings and vehicles.  The hope is they never have to be used but if there’s an emergency, these kits could end up saving a life.

The Carmel Fire Department used money from its yearly budget and created these kits for $26 each. The hope is for this program to spread to other cities.

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