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CARMEL, Ind. – A new program is putting a focus on the health of our first responders. The Carmel Police Department will partner with Methodist Sports Medicine to launch the “First Line Tactical” program. Carmel PD is the first in the state to have this kind of program.

First Line Tactical is tailored to law enforcement officers at Carmel PD to help them handle the demands the job can take on their bodies.

“First Line is a program that provides athletic trainers that embed within law enforcement and fire departments within the state to provide one-on-one care and treatment and evaluation of law enforcement and firefighters,” said Marty Rosenberg, CEO of Methodist Sports Medicine.

The program will allow those who work at Carmel PD to get quality care from things like screenings to rehab services. Officials say it’s important for police officers to have specialized care.

“[It] provides evaluation of the kinetic chain – how they move, and make sure that there aren’t any deficiencies in how they move and what they do – that we resolve those deficiencies,” said Rosenberg.

This kind of evaluation will allow the trainer to keep them healthy and also help them heal faster if they get hurt.

“They have an incredibly demanding job and it’s a unique job,” said Rosenberg. “But what we found is that over time, these what we call ‘tactical athletes’ are very similar to the professional and collegiate athletes we take care of on a regular basis.”

The program makes sure that there is an on-site athletic trainer available to provide services when needed. There is also a plan to create a training room to house those services.

A full announcement on the renovation timeline and the program is at 3 p.m. Monday at the Carmel Police Department.