Carmel Street Department makes ‘Street Juice’ sanitizer


CARMEL, Ind. – The Carmel Street Department is working to keep businesses safe.

While hand sanitizer has emerged as a key product to keep people safe amid the COVID-19, recently it has been found to be in short supply. That is why the Carmel Street Department took the initiative to begin producing its own version.

Employees began mixing the ingredients to make five-gallon batches of sanitizer in April. The department said they used a drill to mix isopropyl alcohol, aloe and fragrance oil to create a solution. The first batches appeared to be too runny, however, a local restaurant owner suggested mixing in a little food additive to make it thicker.

“We researched the process to make sanitizer and found it was not that difficult to make an effective hand sanitizer at the Street Department,” said Dave Huffman, Director. “We just wanted to do our part to help assist others who are out there on the front lines fighting against this pandemic.”

While the hand sanitizer, named Street Juice by the employees, was first provided to city employees to save taxpayer dollars, the department said it is now providing it to any locally owned small business that needs it for their employees and customers.

Any local business wanting a bottle of Street Juice can contact the Carmel Street Department at 317-733-2001.

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