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CARMEL, Ind. – Carmel will have a curfew Tuesday night.

Mayor Jim Brainard signed an executive order that puts a curfew in place from 9 p.m. Tuesday through 5 a.m. Wednesday. It applies to all public streets and public places in the city. Brainard said the curfew would remain in effect “until further notice.”

The curfew applies to everyone who may be moving through the city by foot or by vehicle, bike, scooter or other means or transportation. There are some exceptions:

  • Law-enforcement, fire, medical, and other public safety personnel
  • Members of the news media
  • Federal, state, or local public officials doing work deemed necessary by the public agency that employs them
  • Persons traveling directly to or directly from work, seeking medical care, or fleeing from dangerous circumstances
  • Persons engaged in employment necessary to maintain a safe rail system, restore utility service, or provide other emergency public services.

Monday, Brainard said he planned to take legal action against the city of Minneapolis for expenses incurred while protecting the city, saying the city’s police officers had been negligent in taking no action to save George Floyd. Floyd’s death has prompted multiple protests nationwide.

Brainard quickly backed off the plan, saying he’d meant to send a “message” that such behavior would no longer be tolerated.

Carmel Police Chief Jim Barlow said Carmel had received “threats directed toward our community” and believed the mayor’s curfew was “necessary to better ensure the safety” of Carmel.