Cases of ‘dangerous, flammable’ butane found inside drug warehouse

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INDIANAPOLIS,Ind (June 10, 2015)--A marijuana bust conducted by state, local and federal authorities dismantled a major grow operation on the south side of Indianapolis.

It is estimated that at least 500 plants were seized. In addition to the massive amount of weed found inside the warehouse, located in the 1000 block of Sumner Avenue, investigators found cases of butane.

"There's at least 25 cases of this in there. It would pretty much lift the roof off this building," said Dan Madison, a Master Trooper with Indiana State Police.

Butane is used in the potentially explosive process of extracting the highly potent THC from the plant. It is commonly referred to as wax or honey oil.

"The bad risk with  butane is that it is highly flammable. We consider it just as dangerous as a meth lab," said Madison.

According to Drug Enforcement Agency statistics, THC extraction labs are popping up in parts of the country with more lenient drug laws. The DEA is also reporting more explosions at labs using butane to extract THC.

The raid is the result of a joint investigation involving local and federal authorities including the Drug Enforcement Administration and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

"Everyone says it's 'just'  marijuana, but remember this is not the marijuana of the '70's. What they are doing to extract it and make better is highly dangerous," said Madison.

Four people were taken into custody. Sources tell FOX59 that more arrests could be coming.

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