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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Catalent, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, is investing hundreds of millions of dollars into their Bloomington facility. The expansion is expected to bring a wave of well-paying jobs to the area.

“We will have engineering, engineering technicians, scientists, chemists, operation warehouse staff,” listed Andrew Espejo, general manager at Catalent’s Bloomington facility. “We know that the medicines we produce, the prescriptions we produce, are helping people’s lives all over the globe.”

Catalent will pump $350 million into their facility. The expansion work is expected to take two years, and will be contained within the current framework of their building. In the coming years, Catalent will be hiring roughly 1,000 new employees as part of the addition. The average wage across the entire building is $32 an hour. City leaders say this is a type of wage that doesn’t often materialize in their region.

“What is nice, is this has opportunities for people coming right out of high school, you know early career types, through PhDs,” said Alex Crowley, director of Economics and Sustainable Development for the city of Bloomington. “That type of salary level is really important to us because it does allow people to live comfortably.”

Catalent will be holding a job fair on May 3. It is happening between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Monroe Convention Center.