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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two adults have been banned from a central Indiana sports park after a fight was caught on camera.

Sunday evening, during a semi-championship game, a coach and a parent got into a brawl at a baseball field.

“It’s disappointing. It’s very unfortunate that something like this would happen,” said Kyle Scaringe, manager at Indianapolis Sports Park.

The game was between the Cincinnati Flames and the Evoshield Midwest Canes. A parent posted a nearly one-minute video of the fight on Facebook. You can see one man with a bat in his hand running towards another man. FOX59 is told the man armed with a bat is a coach with the Cincinnati Flames.

“It’s unfortunate because it all comes down to it’s about the kids. It’s about the kids and the community and when you get something like that, it darkens kind of the tournament at the end,” said Scaringe.

In the video, you can hear adults yelling and see others jumping in between the two men, pulling them apart. Just a few feet away, there are kids watching in the dugout.

“Anytime you’re working with youth or minors, not only are you a coach, but you’re a role model, a mentor. We have high expectations for coaches who are serving in those positions,” said Scaringe.

Indianapolis Sports Park is a family-owned facility. 911 was called immediately. Fortunately, no was one was hurt.

“This has been here for 30 years and there haven’t been many incidents like that,” said Scaringe.

In just the past day, the video has been viewed more than 320,000 times. Park staff is making it clear there is no excuse for this type of behavior.

“It was very unfortunate that it came to that level. Sometimes in youth sports emotions run high and they get the best of you,” said Scaringe.

The tournament board is investigating the incident and will decide if the men will face any disciplinary actions. IMPD did respond. No charges were filed.