Caught on camera: East side renovation project hit by burglars three times


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Renovation projects may be a growing trend in Indy, but they can be a golden opportunity for thieves. One east side home has been hit three times in four months.

The first time, burglars made off with $5,000-$6,000 worth of building materials. Malcolm Kent is tired of seeing his Fletcher Avenue renovation project be targeted.

“It’s a common occurrence, especially that side of town,” Kent said, “It’s been fine and smooth until the last four months or so.”

He has since installed cameras and soon will be putting in a security alarm system. Those cameras caught a burglar in the latest attempt. although Kent is unsure if the person on his surveillance video is the same crook to strike all three times.

“He first went to the house, and on the way back, he goes to the garage, but it looked like he got spooked,” Kent said of the surveillance.

Kent now has a board in the backyard letting would-be burglars know, “Smile You’re On Camera”.

“The last two times there hasn’t been much in the house for them to take,” said Kent luckily.

In the future, neighbors will be joining his high-tech systems as a lookout on the property. There’s no telling if he could strike a different house too.

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