Caught on camera: Thief steals from family-owned taco shop in Speedway

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – A thief is caught on camera burglarizing a family-owned restaurant. Footage shows a man using a hammer to smash the front door of Tacos 46. He kicked the glass door repeatedly until he could crawl inside.

“This is a second home to us, so it’s like wow, they got in our second home,” said Monica Rayo, manager of Tacos 46.

Rayo’s parents own the restaurant. The break-in happened around 4 a.m. Wednesday . A few hours later, Rayo’s mother showed up to open and quickly realized someone had already been there. The stranger was in and out in less than 15 minutes with all their cash.

“We work so hard for this. We work 12 hours straight. This is a family-owned business. We don’t make a lot of money,” said Rayo.

You can see the thief trying to hide his face from cameras mounted at the front of the restaurant, but the cameras in the back got clear shots of his face.  The thief rode a yellow Pacers Rideshare bike right up to the back door.

“We have reached out to the Pacers Bikeshare program to be able to get any information that we can on helping us to identify that bicycle,” said Lt. Jim Thiele with the Speedway Police Department.

Tacos 46 has been opened for 6 years.  They’ve dealt with burglaries before, but this is the first time the crime has been caught on camera.

“I don’t know of too many businesses that are taking down cameras and more and more of them are putting up cameras,” said Lt. Thiele.

Police say the thief came prepared with a plan.  After getting inside the restaurant, he headed straight for the cash registers and then broke into the office.

“It appears very likely that he knew exactly what place he wanted to break into, and he brought the tools necessary to get into that business,” said Lt. Thiele.

Rayo doesn’t know who this burglar on a bike is, but she wants him to know that he didn’t steal from a business—he stole from her hardworking family.

“Someone that just doesn’t think of others, and it’s sad. They just really don’t care,” said Rayo.

Speedway Police tell FOX59 surveillance video from a nearby intersection shows the thief meeting up with a couple of others on bikes. They were last seen riding on Crawfordsville Road towards downtown. If you recognize the man in the footage, call Speedway Police at 317-246-5357.

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