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INDIANAPOLIS — Ceasefire Indy set a goal last Friday to have Indianapolis go 72 hours over the Halloween weekend without a murder.

The killing of 28-year-old Jalen Chatmon in the 3200 block of Hovey Street early Sunday morning left the group 23 hours short of its goal but still claiming victory.

“We went 49 hours, 49 hours,” organizer “Ron G” shouted to a small group of supporters just down the block from the murder scene 12 hours after the killing. “That’s amazing and we just thank God for that.”

The homicide of Chatmon on Hovey Street was number 232 for 2021.

A year ago on this date, that total stood at 202 as the city eventually set an annual homicide record of 245.

“It’s heart-wrenching but at the same time we see hope,” said Pastor Antonio Lipscomb of Community Church Indy. “The Ceasefire weekend, from my assessment, has been successful because we could’ve had more murders. We’re used to more murders.”

Ceasefire Indy hosted rallies, a neighborhood clean-up at 42nd and Post Road and a basketball tournament at JTV Hill Center, all of which organizer Della Brown credits with holding down the city’s homicide total this weekend.

“Maybe someone who was thinking about doing it and they just saw us smile or say that we loved them or suggest that they just put the guns down,” she said. “Just imagine if we had more people doing it and more people pushing it.”

Ceasefire Indy intends to conclude its weekend with a prayer on Monument Circle at midnight to be followed in the days to come with consideration of holding other ceasefire weekends during the upcoming holidays.