Celebrating the gift of life with fallen Officer David Moore’s mom and his liver recipient

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INDIANAPOLIS — At the time of his death two years ago, it was hard for fallen Officer David Moore’s mom to even get out of bed.

“I really miss David something awful,” said Jo Moore on Friday in downtown Indianapolis.

Now, it’s easier for her to wear a smile.

Especially on days like Friday, when she is surrounded by people with her same passion.

Hoosiers linked hands in support of the more than 1,500 Hoosiers who need transplants, and to honor Indiana organ and tissue donors and families.

“Police work, hypothetically, you can get killed and David let us know that if it ever became a reality, he wanted his gift of his organs to continue.”

His organs saved lives all over the country, including Lance Lewis.

“We watched the news like everybody else when he was shot on Sunday,” said Lewis. “We watched the updates on Monday and again on Tuesday. David ultimately passed away on Wednesday at 6:18 in the morning and nine hours later my phone rang.”

Lewis had been waiting on a lung transplant for two years.

“Timing told us it was a pretty good chance it was Officer Moore, but we didn’t know that until we got a letter from Jo in April.”

The two families have become like one.

“She’s family,” said Lewis. “No question about it.”

“Lance has gone from sitting in a chair to riding bicycles in marathons,” said Moore. “To take the gift and run with it, well that’s what we wanted.”

They soon figured out they had a strange connection.

“I never met him, but we have a son who was born 52 hours earlier than David in the same hospital,” said Lewis. “I do feel like he’s part of my life.”

Their message is to make sure you let your family know that you want to be a donor.

“Let them know that it’s OK, that you want your gift to be given to others,” said Moore.

Find more on Donate Life here and the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization here.

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