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GREENWOOD, Ind. – The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking for two suspects involved in a Center Grove armed robbery early Wednesday morning.

At around 2:25 a.m. crews were transported to the 5000 block of Chancery Blvd in the Kensington Grove addition on reports of an armed robbery at the home of Hugh and Sharon O’Garra. Hugh O’Garra is in his 70s. Sharon O’Garra is in her 60s.

According to the homeowners, two armed suspects broke into their house through a downstairs basement window.

A family member told Fox59 the suspects first woke up Sharon and made her clear out their safe. One of the suspects then asked Sharon if Hugh would be okay if he were awaken suddenly. Sharon woke up Hugh, told him not to panic, and informed him that they were being robbed at gunpoint.

The two victims were held at gunpoint and tied up with zip ties. At one point, Hugh complained that the zip ties were too tight. That’s when one of the suspects proceeded to tighten them further.

One of the burglars also said, “You should really start using your alarm system.”

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox confirmed the home’s alarm system was not working at the time.

The suspects took jewelry and “a substantial amount of cash,” according to sources. They ran outside and drove off in a car waiting outside.

According to deputies, Hugh O’Garra recently sold valuables to a store in Whiteland that purchases gold and silver, and mentioned that he had more to sell.

Family sources also say the O’Garras recently had flooring work done inside the home.

Detectives were investigating both leads.

The suspects also took both of the O’Garras’ iPhones. Police found one of the iPhones down the street. The other iPhone had not been located as of Wednesday morning.

Anyone with any information or surveillance video is asked to call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office at 317-736-9155.

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