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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 15, 2014) – Proposed changes to the Center Grove elementary school boundaries are causing a stir among parents.

The Center Grove Community School Corporation is looking into moving students around the elementary schools due to increased enrollment.  According to data from the school administration, there is a need to accommodate growth in the southern half of the school district. They hope to transfer certain students from the highly populated elementary schools to those with lower enrollment.

“What we’re doing is looking at keeping neighborhoods together so that the kids move with their friends,” said Dr. Rich Arkanoff, Superintendent, Center Grove Community School Corporation. “So that when the neighborhood moves to that district, the new boundary, that whole neighborhood moves, not just half the neighborhood.”

But, some parents say they don’t want their kids to switch schools from one year to the next.

“My kids have switched school,” said Rob Philpott, a Center Grove parent.  “We moved from Perry Township, so they just started school there last year, and now they’re telling us that we’re going to have to send our kids to a third school  before they even get out of elementary school. To me,  that’s unacceptable.”

Maple Grove Elementary has seen a 14 percent increase in students. Center Grove Community School Corporation officials say changes to school boundaries are needed in order to maintain optimal class sizes and deal with future growth.

Schools like Pleasant Grove and Sugar Grove have experience a 12 percent drop in students. So, some students would be moved to these schools.

The impact of the boundary changes differ by neighborhood. The Brookhaven neighborhood would have 80 students transfer. The Morgantown Road – west side neighborhood would only need three kids to transfer.

Philpott said he likes the elementary school his kids attend and he doesn’t want to disrupt their learning environment.  He also said a change in the boundaries would really impact his blended family.

“It would separate step-siblings that live together every other week,” he said. “Because we share custody, they get on and off the bus every week at both houses.”

An informational meeting regarding the boundary changes is scheduled for Thursday night in the Center Grove High School Auditorium. The address is 2717 South Morgantown Road. A presentation will be followed by a question and answer session.

There are no changes planned for the middle schools.