‘This is our positive bubble’: Central Indiana parents create Facebook groups to connect and support teachers


INDIANAPOLIS – Our teachers have gone above and beyond during this pandemic. While they’re preparing to take on the new school year, there are thousands of people online right now hoping they can help.

And you can get involved too, all you have to do is join a Facebook group!

What started as an idea by several parents…

“We realized how much support teachers need. A lot of just came together and said, what can we do?” said Lecia Floyd.

Floyd is one of the parents who created the “Support our Lawrence Township Teachers” Facebook page.  

With roughly 1,600 parents, teachers, and community members, there’s an understanding of the mission for the page.

“We encourage our teachers to put their Amazon Wishlist. We tag every post with the hashtag to what school they’re on, so parents can easily find it,” said Floyd, “Last year we had a Starbucks card going and a lot of parents were just donating to that and all of the teachers had access to that, so if they wanted a cup of coffee in the morning to start their day – they were able to do that.”

Helping teachers financially, while also sharing support, encouragement, and positivity. Floyd refers to it as a positive bubble. There are teachers on this page just starting out their careers to some who have taught for more than 30 years.

“That says a lot,” she exclaimed.

“It’s just this whole turnaround of helping everyone,” added Stephanie Sharp, a third-grade teacher at Indian Creek Elementary in Lawrence Township.

Sharp said that not only have people helped her, but this page has motivated her to donate to other teachers. She says, it’s shown her the meaning of community during this challenging time of the pandemic.

“I didn’t know what I was coming into with the school year. I didn’t know if I was going to be virtual or in-person or if I was going to switch to in-person halfway through the year,” explained Sharp, “I didn’t know what my students would be able to afford or even have access to. So, being able to have everything ready for them no matter who they were – was such a good feeling. I have goosebumps thinking about it now.”

This idea has spread throughout Central Indiana. Facebook pages supporting teachers can be found for several districts like Carmel Clay and Hamilton Southeastern.

“They’re expected to do a lot, with a little bit. I’ve seen teachers’ pay for supplies out of their own pocket, I’ve seen teachers give up their lunches to someone who didn’t have one,” said Kimberly Vance.

Vance has kids who attend HSE, but there was already a page there.  So, she created one for Carmel and now, close to 3,000 members later, she’s encouraging other parents to do their part.

“Find the one for your local school district, find the one for your local school, join it – even if you’re just watching,” said Vance.

Floyd added, “I encourage parents – look for that and if you don’t see it, start it.”

MSD of Lawrence Township students head back to class next week, on August 3. Hamilton Southeastern will be back in class on August 4. And for Carmel, class is back in session on August 10.

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