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ANDERSON, Ind. – Charges have been filed in the death of a 23-month-old girl in Anderson.

The Madison County coroner says the baby, Paisley Hudson, died on Saturday from multiple blunt force injuries and two liver lacerations that caused bleeding in her stomach. According to the coroner, Paisley had a skull fracture and too many bruises to count.

The county prosecutor is charging Ryan Ramirez, Paisley’s mother’s boyfriend, with murder and reckless supervision by a child care provider. The mother, Kayla Hudson, is facing charges of neglect of dependent resulting in death and reckless supervision by a child care provider.

Court documents say Ramirez looked after Paisley and another child while Hudson worked Friday night. Ramirez reportedly told police they all went to pick Hudson up from work and he later put Paisley to sleep face down on her pack-n-play.

Documents state Hudson found her daughter “cold and lifeless” around 5 or 6 a.m. Saturday. She then tried to revive the child by putting her in the tub with hot water and doing CPR.  According to police, she did not call 911.

The coroner says Kayla Hudson, the toddler’s mother, drove her to St. Vincent Hospital in Anderson Saturday morning. Paisley was pronounced dead just after 7 a.m.

Paisley Hudson

The other child was also found to have bruising throughout his body, a broken wrist and cigarette burns on his ankles, according to court documents.

Kayla Hudson spoke to FOX59 from the Madison County Jail. During the interview, she said could have done more to protect her daughter.

“I could’ve opened my eyes a little bit more and quit being so blind about everything,” Hudson said. “I didn’t realize the person I brought into my child’s lives.”

Paisley is the second child death to be ruled a homicide in Madison County in the last week. The other case involved Harlan Haines.