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INDIANAPOLIS — As you prepare your swimming pool supplies for the season, chlorine is probably at the top of your list! But a national shortage could mean it’s going to cost you more this summer.

One of the reasons for the chlorine shortage is an increase in demand. Construction of new pools in 2020 went up nearly 25 percent! With each new pool comes more demand for chemicals and even items like floaties or sun chairs.

Another reason for the shortage is that a major chlorine manufacturing plant in Louisiana was destroyed by a fire, which took nearly 40 percent of the country’s chlorine tablet supply with it. 

Many pool stores across central Indiana say it was harder to find chlorine this year to stock up for Hoosier pool owners.

Sun-Fun pools says as soon as they get a shipment of chlorine, it sells out in a matter of days.

“The last 18 months, it’s gone up at least three times in price, if not four,” said Anthony Jeter, president of Sun-Fun Pools.

Indy Parks says they’ve been stocking up on chlorine in anticipation of the 2022 season, and they do not expect the shortage to impact opening all 16 pools this summer.

“We’re not in like freak out mode,” said Jordan Elder, aquatics supervisor at Indy Parks. “With everything going up inflation wise across the country, there’s going to be some inflation with our chemicals and whatnot.”

So how can you keep swimming during this chlorine shortage?

If you can’t find chlorine tablets, think about using liquid chlorine instead. 

Another alternative to chlorine is the chemical bromine, which is an excellent sanitizer but unlike chlorine doesn’t have a strong scent.

While it costs more up front, pool experts recommend thinking about switching to a salt water pool.

As you try different solutions, pool experts say think about testing your pool water more often just to ensure it’s safe. 

It’s a great way to reduce chlorine costs and make your supply of chlorine last longer without compromising safety or water quality.