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INDIANAPOLIS – There’s a school on the far east side that’s inviting adults back to the classroom. The program is tailored to give people a second chance at a career.

It’s breaking down barriers that that can often limit opportunities. One of the biggest barriers of all, cost. This program is completely free, and it’s already helped over 100 adults here in Indy. And the organizers believe that directly impacts our city’s youth.

Alex Morales knows what it’s like to have a language or financial barrier.

“To me this is more than work,” he shared.

He overcame the challenges and now teaches other adults how to do the same. Morales is the regional executive director for PLA University, a workforce development program. All of the students are adults.

For Ezekiel Turner, he wants to be a role model for his kids, who are also students at Phalen Leadership Academy.

“I’m going back to class, and I keep telling them, that you learn every day, Turner said, “I am 40 years old and I’m trying to expand my horizon.

As an entrepreneur, Turner is learning how to get his business up and running. The classes are giving him direction and enlightening him on what it will take as he continues to create renewable solutions for the micro-mobility charging industry.

Classes include one on time management. The program connects adults with training and covers certifications needed to become a medical or dental assistant, an IT support specialist and more.

“Researching, finding the best researching tools for my industry, making my day more usable and not having wasted time,” said Turner, “And just looking into myself, to see if it’s something I want to do.”

When Angela Gonzales moved to the United States, she knew she wanted to be a nurse. But first she had to learn English.

“I am so happy for staying in Indianapolis and I had this community to help me,” said Gonzalez.

Morales added, “Once they have gotten to a level of conversational English that they feel confident, then they can do career training, then they move into our PLA University programming, and we get them working as well.”

A program that believes in investing in adults can directly impact our city’s youth.

“What we envision is a community that is lifted up, right? So that our children have a great environment at school, they have a great environment at home, and they have a great community as they walk to and from,” said Morales.

PLA University is currently accepting applications for its May class. Click here for more details.