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INDIANAPOLIS — While Black Friday is dominated by the big box stores, another place you’ll likely see a lot of foot traffic is Christmas tree farms.

However, ongoing supply chain issues have caused the prices of those trees to go up.

“Prices are going to be a little bit higher this year,” said Tom Dull, owner of Dull’s Tree Farm. “Fertilizer prices have doubled, labor costs more, supply and demand issues always come in to play.”

Dull said Thanksgiving weekend is normally his farm’s busiest time of year. He said on average the cost of his trees is around $10 more than last year.

“You can expect to pay a little bit more for your Christmas tree,” Dull said. “But at least they’re here. They’re not stuck on a boat out on the ocean waiting to be unloaded.”

If you think you might go down the artificial tree route to save some money, think again.

Sullivan Hardware and Garden has dozens of varieties of artificial trees. Luckily the store got everything it ordered, but the price to get it there was astronomical.

“We get seven containers. I didn’t think we’d get them all, but we ended up getting every one of them,” owner Pat Sullivan said. “Last year, the freight on those seven containers was $56,000 and it was $182,000 this year.”

Sullivan said it’s not just trees. His garland and wreaths also will cost you more this year. He said his suppliers say supply chain issues are to blame.

Sullivan also sells real trees that he gets from a supplier and those are no different.

“Our main supplier, that we’ve done business with for 30 years, cut our order by 60 percent,” Sullivan said. “We paid a lot, we really did, so I think you’ll find trees. You may not find the variety in the size that you want. Seven to eight foot trees are the most common. That’s what we’re having the most trouble getting.” 

Dull’s Tree Farm will open its doors Friday morning at 9 a.m. and will be first come, first serve. 

Sullivans will be open on Friday as well and you can maybe save a little money because all their artificial trees will be 30 percent off.