Circle City turning green with ‘blueindy’ electric car-sharing service

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 19, 2014) — Indianapolis takes its next step toward a greener future by declaring itself blue Monday.

Central Indiana gets its first glimpse of the new all-electric car-sharing service called blueindy.  A person will be able to subscribe on a monthly basis and pay for the time the person uses the car, per 15-minute periods.

Bolloré, the company launching the program, plans to establish 25 stations with 125 cars throughout the Circle City by the end of the year.  The subscriber can return the car to any of the 25 stations, not just the one where they picked it up.

It will be Bolloré’s first foray into the United States, having launched the service successfully in Paris and other cities in Europe.

According to a news release promoting Monday’s display of the vehicles, blueindy cited Mayor Greg Ballard’s 2012 directive to move the Circle City’s fleet away from traditional gasoline-powered engines as a main reason Bolloré chose Indianapolis for its U.S. launch.

The mayor’s communications director Marc Lotter told FOX59 News that the blueindy cars will encourage Indianapolis residents to live more environmentally friendly.

“Many times people worry that the weather may change, especially in Indiana, or that they might have a sudden appointment or need to go back home and they want to have the convenience and the comfort of knowing they have that car there,” said Lotter.  

“Now they can take public transportation, they can bike to work, they can walk to work and if something unexpected comes up, you have access to one of these cars at very affordable prices to be able to use that to get you to where you need to go.”

While Lotter said the Indianapolis rates have not been made public, the Paris rates are approximately $13 per month and $4 for every 15-minute period that a subscriber uses the vehicle.

On Tuesday, blueindy said the public can test drive the electric cars at the service’s first station, located on Washington Street between Meridian and Pennsylvania streets.

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