City fires employees indicted on federal charges

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INDIANAPOLIS – The city of Indianapolis fired two employees indicted on federal charges involving the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development.

Reggie Walton, assistant administrator of the DMD, and John Hawkins, senior project manager, were arrested Tuesday on federal charges of wire fraud and bribery. The FBI raided their offices earlier this week.

The pair are accused of abusing the Indianapolis Land Bank program for their own benefit.

Mayor Greg Ballard announced the termination of Walton and Hawkins on Friday, saying the evidence indicated that they both broke ethics laws and failed to uphold the city’s standards. Ballard had previously suspended the pair without pay.

The DMD has suspended all Land Bank property transfers while it reviews recent transactions.

The city has also hired attorney Forrest Bowman, Jr., to review city policies and procedures and coordinate with federal investigators.

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