City of Indianapolis reminding residents of winter weather safety tips


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The city of Indianapolis is reminding its residents of some weather safety tips.

The approaching winter weather systems this week are expected to bring snow and freezing rain to the Indianapolis area.

The city said slippery road conditions could impact morning and evening commutes this week.

The Office of Public Health and Safety offers the following tips to help residents stay safe:

• Prepare your car for cold and wintry weather. Pack an emergency road kit to be kept in your vehicle for the season, including a blanket, first aid kit, non-perishable food, and phone charger.

• Brush up on your winter weather awareness terms – learn the difference between a watch, warning, and advisory here.

• Always use safe home heating practices:

o Replace filters in central heating systems
o Set up space heaters at least three feet away from heat sources
o Ensure flues and chimneys are clear before using a fireplace or wood stove
o Never use a stove or oven for heating

• Remember winter driving tips:

o Check conditions before your tip and plan accordingly
o Slow down
o If you start sliding, turn slightly into the skid
o Know when to quit

• Check on family and neighbors who may be vulnerable to cold temperatures

Visit for additional winter weather safety tips.

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