Clinic at center of Manning HGH case has troubled history, allegations of illegally obtained drugs

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 30, 2015) — A controversial report which claims Peyton Manning’s wife obtained human growth hormones from an Indianapolis clinic has made international headlines, but a deeper look into the medical clinic at the center of the report reveals ongoing tax troubles, debt and allegations of illegally obtained drugs.

The owner at the Guyer Institute has said all along, the HGH claims against Manning are bogus.

What’s not fabricated is a history money problems at the clinic and a conflicting timeline about the man at the center of the story.

Undercover recordings by Al Jazeera sparked widespread debate about whether Manning ever obtained or used human growth hormones.

The controversy stemmed from Manning visiting the Guyer Institute on 86th street in 2011 as Manning recovered from neck surgeries.

An indictment against a Colorado based company claims Dr. Dale Guyer illegally received HGH from China back in 2007.

The IRS also filed tax liens against the Guyer Institute totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars and since 2006 Guyer did file personal or business tax returns, according to divorce records.

As part of a federal bankruptcy filing, Guyer has agreed to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt by July 5, 2016.

Charlie Sly, the source who claimed that shipments of H-G-H were sent from the Guyer Institute to the home of Manning’s wife in Florida, has since changed his story.

Still, the timing of Sly’s connection to the Guyer Institute remains in dispute.

In a written statement this week, Guyer wrote, “Mr. Sly was never an employee of the Guyer Institute and his brief three-month internship occurred in 2013 during which time Peyton was not even being treated.”

However, Al Jazeera released transcripts of a phone call with the institute confirming Sly started at the office in the fall of 2011.

A spokesperson with the state attorney general’s office says their office is not currently investigating the Guyer Institute for any criminal wrongdoing.

FOX59 called Dr. Guyer’s office for comment, but were told the doctor now has legal counsel. A statement was not provided.

Court records also show Guyer borrowed heavily from Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham who was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme in 2012.

As for the Al Jazeera report, their editors now claim the report was never meant to accuse Manning of doping.

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