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Cloverdale businesses close doors until further notice after partial building collapse

CLOVERDALE, Ind. – Cleanup continued across central Indiana Monday night after strong winds did their share of damage to the area this weekend.

In Cloverdale, restaurant owners had a big mess to clean up after parts of a historic building collapsed. The city’s building inspector believes strong winds may have caused the damage.

Hundreds of bricks came crashing down in the middle of lunch hour along Main Street in Cloverdale. Jennifer Trumbo and her husband Allen were serving customers at their new restaurant, Hatchet House BBQ, when the building collapsed. More than a dozen people were inside.

“Turmoil is the best word I can describe it,” said Jennifer. “It’s heartbreaking.”

The roof is still intact and thankfully everyone was OK. It’s devastating to the company because the couple was not expecting to fork up even more after opening just a few months ago.

“This is our one and only source of income. We put everything we have into this,” said Jennifer.

It didn’t take long for people in the community like Jennifer George to help where they could. George owns a business just down the street.

“Seeing people that have been here and are trying to make better for what they have and what they can do around us is heartbreaking,” George said.

Hatchet House BBQ and Pizza Niche next door are closing for a bit. The unwavering support from patrons is helping the Trumbos pick up the pieces.

“We will be back. It may not be at this location, but we will be back,” Jennifer said.

The couple met with the city’s building inspector Monday afternoon. In the meantime, they might decide to serve food out of a mobile food truck to help pay the bills. If you would like to help this couple, you can find a link to their fundraiser here.