Coach dismissed over Facebook post allegedly demeaning eight-year-old player

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EAST SIDE – Parents in the Christian Park pee wee football league spoke out to Fox 59, after seeing a coach post demeaning messages about a young player on Facebook.

One parent, “Sarah,” whose identity Fox 59 concealed, said the coach was lashing out at her son after an altercation involving his playing time.

The post was quickly deleted off Facebook and Fox 59 has chosen not to publish its exact content, but it was confirmed by a number of parents with kids in the league as being degrading towards a player.

“I’m not going to let some 40-something year old man sit there and bully an eight-year-old child,” Sarah said.

Fox 59 took the issue straight to league president Bill Daniels, who quickly moved to dismiss that coach.

“He is banned from the park,” Daniels said.

Daniels said he would meet with coaches and parents to review their policies. He said that the league encourages only positive coaching techniques with the young players.

“We just don’t condone that kind of behavior at all,” Daniels said.

Sarah said that while she’s glad the league responded quickly, she hopes other parents will pay attention to coaches and speak up if they see inappropriate behavior.

“It’s childish, it’s immature and it makes me sick,” Sarah said.

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