Coca-Cola launching cinnamon Coke, cranberry Sprite on Sept. 30


Image via Coca-Cola/CNN

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Will you be in the holiday mood by the end of next month?

Coca-Cola sure hopes that’s the case.

The soft drink company will launch a version of Coke flavored with cinnamon on Sept. 30. Coca-Cola fans in the U.K. have already given it the thumbs up—a cinnamon version of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was such a big hit there, the company decided to bring it to the U.S.

The company didn’t say if it was bringing the zero sugar or full sugar version stateside (or maybe both).

It’ll be available for a limited time only but may return in later years if it’s successful.

The company will also launch a cranberry-flavored version of Sprite at the same time.

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